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County Goals and policies

Objectives of county administration: Prestigious Hwasun and Happy residents
During current term of the 6th county governor to be elected by popular vote, cultivate the industries of new growth power such as culture, art and bio and medical area so that the county can become a "prestigious Hwasun", one of the best places to live nationwide and create human-centered pleasant living environment and attractive countryside housing site, and carry out feasible welfare administration so that all the county residents feel happy.

Objectives of county administration

Trusted administration :
Avoiding supplier-centered time serving administration, carry out consumer-centered and customized administration with which every residents agree so that the county administration can be trusted by county residents and customers.
Joining welfare
Establish a welfare system under which all the people including residents, public servants and ones from all the social classes, carry out a type of productive and self-supporting welfare policy through job creation and expansion of technical education and promote a feasible welfare administration supporting the parts which are required to be supported without fail.
Attractive culture
Promote culture and arts where the beauty and grace of Hwasun have rooted and cultivate culture and tourism industry suitable to regional specific features based on that promotion so that high level culture can be enjoyed and economy can be boosted.
Vital rural area
Repair living environment of rural area which has been deteriorated due to aging phenomenon in order to change it into a pleasant and convenient so that a lot of people can be attracted to return to the farm and rural and the competitiveness of agriculture can be enhanced by specialization and scaling. Provide a welfare service to aged and small and medium sized farming households, promote policies supporting farming so that it can stop the cease of farming and create a foundation for self-support and finally create a farming area where residents live their exciting lives.
Education for planting dreams
Improve educational conditions for children and youth to grow with clear dreams and hopes, attract the department of medicine of Cheonnam University to the county fast and specialized high schools including the ones specialized in medicine, cultivate existing high schools to become prestigious ones so that a foundation can be set up for the county to become one of prestigious education town
Vibrant economy
Boost bio-medical cluster and district specialized in vaccine production, keep focus on cultivate new growth engine of industries by completing lease of the industrial complex of bio-medical industries, attract companies running labor-intensive businesses so that the county create jobs and invigorate local economy.