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Manyeonsa Temple Gwebul

Manyeonsa Temple Gwebul
  • Designation No. : Government designated national treasure No. 1345 (2002. 7. 2)
  • Size : 760x586cm
  • Production year : Joseon Dynasty
  • Management agent : Manyeonsa Temple
  • Address
  • 179 Dongru-ri, Hwasun-eup Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Gwebul means of 'display of the picture of Buddhist ' and a picture or a sort of Buddhism picture of Buddhist image is displayed at outdoor place. This Gwebul was painted by Byhyeonhwagong in March of the 48th year of Geonryung (1783) of the second half of Joseon Dynasty and most of the picture is painted by red and green which were prevailed in the years of Geonryung. This picture shows well the features of those in the late of Joseon Dynasty.
The size of Gwebul is 760x586cm and the object of worship of Buddhist statue is Amida Standing Statue of Buddha having Yukgye and Nahbal.
Its eyes is Jeongan type and has typical appearance of Buddha looking down. The costume of Buddha has fancy pattern in its silk collar and the surroundings of head are expressed round and, inside the head halo is colored in green and the patterns of yellow, red and blue are put around it.
There is no halo around the body and, in similar size form, there are pictures of: Munsubosalsang symbolizing the wisdom in the left; and Bohyeonbosal symbolizing virtue in the right. In the upper side of the picture of Buddha, the creation years and the lists of people who participated in painting that picture are recorded so that it becomes precious data for the research of painters at that time.