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Gaecheonsa Temple
Gaecheonsa Temple was registered as No. 52 of traditional temple on Oct. 5, 1988 and it is located in the halfway up Cheontaesan Mountain.
  • Location
  • Gadong-ri, Chunyangmyeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

It is said that, at the end of King Heonduk of United Silla Period (809~825), Doeuisunsa, a great monk, established Borimsa Temple and Gaecheonsa Temple thereafter. It is also said that, at the end of United Silla Period, Dosunguksa, a great monk, established Gaecheonsa Temple. The temple was destroyed by fire in Jeongyoujaeran and restored and it was also called as Yonghwasa (龍華寺)Temple in Japanese occupation period. There was a Cheonbuljeon but it was destroyed in 1950 of Korean War. Daeungjeon and Yosa were reconstructed by Kim Tae Bong, the chief monk, in cooperation with residents in 1963. In the entrance of the temple, a shape of a person made of wood stands indifferently and, nearby mountains are shaded by the forest of evergreen nutmeg trees (No. 65 of natural monuments designated by the country). Stupa and temple dormitory for monks are also located together with an air of silence.
There is 5 stupa in this temple and they have a shape of stone bell and eight angles and circle. All the pagodas of Cheongjikdingtap, Doamdangtap, Eungseodangtap, Gobongdangtap and Jiildangtappyeon were constructed in 18~19 century.