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Manyeonpokpo Falls
At the foot of the hill crossing from Hwasun-eup to Suman-ri, there is a falls named as Manyeonpokpo Falls. It is said that patients suffering from neuralgia treat the disease in midsummers from old times.
  • Location
  • Manyeonsan Mountain valley, Youcheon 3-ri, Hwasun-eup, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

This falls has a story that, once upon a time, Mansuk and Yeonsun were lovers but Mansuk was drafted to a war and they were separated. Waiting for Mansuk who had not returned, Yeonsun was pressed by her parents to be married to other man and, on the day of the wedding, she saw Mansuk again and he was injured from the war.
Yeonsun fled away from the room of her first marriage night, met Mansuk secretly, reached to the falls and fell down the falls after making promise to meet each other in after life.
People were moved by the heartrending story and named the falls as Manyeonpokpo Falls.
If you are covered with the water of the falls falling from 10 meters high, which makes your blood run cold and the heat will totally vanish.