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Gu Bog-gyu,
Mayor of Hwasun

Personal information
Name : Gu Bog-gyu
Born in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do in 1955
Educational background
· Graduated from Gwangju Soongui Vocational High School
· Graduated from the Department of Agriculture, Korea National Open University(Bachelor)
Works at Hwasun County Office for 35 years
· Passed the Hwasun County Public Recruitment Test in 1974
· 1999 Promoted to local administrative officer
· Served as the head of Hwasun-gun Culture and Tourism Division
· Served as Mayor of Hwasun-eup, Mayor of Hancheon-myeon, Mayor of Sapyeong-myeon
Other Activities
· Jeonnam Provincial Assembly 9th Member(2011-2014)
· Jeonnam Provincial Assembly 11th Member(2018-2022, second half vice chairman)
· Vice Chairman of the Jeonnam Provincial Party of the Democratic Party of Korea
· Sapyeong Middle School, Chunyang Elementary School, Neungju Middle School Steering Committee
· Neungju High School Steering Committee