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Brand slogan

  • Made with county flower (Gunhwa, 郡花, peace and nature) and circle (community) as motive, the country bran slogan expresses each eup and myeon, which consist of Hwasun-gun, as the areas having their own uniqueness by expressing them as an independent form. The changes in their forms represent that respective development of each eup and myeon, while, in the end, they can demonstrate the biggest power as one unity of county. Green color symbolizes spring, vitality and nature and the one residents of Hwasun prefer most. Blue color symbolizes high ideals and spirit of county residents.

County bird
County bird: pigeon A pigeon symbolizes peace and prosperity and is loved as a bird of gentleness, purity and good luck. It lives harmoniously, is prolific and trusted, has a remarkable homing instinct. A lot of pigeons inhabit in the county and county residents feel friendly toward them.
County tree
County tree: Zelkova A number of zelkova trees grow naturally in the county and residents of every village hold them sacred enough to make them Dangsan tree (Sacred tree) of the villages. The trees live longer and we can find lots of old and historic zelkova trees in the county. They are also called as Gyumok and broadly used for interior decoration and furniture because they are strong and glossy.
County flower
County flower: camomile Camomile has graceful beauty and strong scent and it is a autumn flower of good health and longevity and may be used for medicinal purposes. The flower symbolizes the willingness and genuineness of county residents.