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Youmasa Temple
Youmasa Temple is embraced by the skirts of Mohoosan Mountain which is famous for its dense forest and cold water in the valley and, above all, there is not so many tourists that the visitors can enjoy the silence of mountain temple.
  • Location
  • Youma-ri, Nam-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Youmasa Temple has many legends: a story that a virgin defeated a young monk who was going to rape her in a big fight by scooping the moon casting over the Jewolcheon River; and a story that this virgin kept the Boahngyo Bridge in her skirt. These stories make the tourists get a taste of the ancients. Nearby its entrance, there are a stupa of Haeryeonsunsa designated by No. 1116 of a treasure and other one in which mountain animals which appear to live in Mohoosan Mountain support with the post of it.