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Unjusa Temple
Unjusa Temple is sited on about 26 km from the southwest bound of Hwasun-eup and in the west of Cheontaesan Mountai. Gaecheonsa is located in the east of that mountain.
  • Location
  • Doam-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

It is said that Unjusa Temple and its Cheonbulcheontap (thousand statues of Buddha and thousand of pagoda) were established by Dosunguksa, great national monk, at the end of United Silla Period. According to the theory of divination based on topography (Pungsujiri), he made the Cheonbulcheontap symbolizing the mast of ship and a boatman because the site is shaped like a ship. However, this has not been proven by historical record but only a record in the part of Neungsunghyeon in the book of Shinjeungdongukyeojiseungram states as follow : 〔雲住寺在千佛千塔之左右山背石佛塔名一千又有石室二石佛像相異座〕 and, from this, we only can guess the origin of currently existing Cheonbulcheontap. Number of stone statues of Buddha and pagodas in the temple are crude and do not show elaborate or exquisite sculpture skills. It is examined that they might have been made around 12 century, in the middle of Koryo Dynasty and they were not made at once but continued to be made for a long time. The temple was designated as No. 312 of historical site and has been excavated four times since 1984. A lot of works have been made for this temple: disassembly and restoration of Stone Buddha and Shrine; repair of Wonhyeongdacheung Stone Pagoda, new construction of Iljumun Gate; and new construction of Bojegak. And, in 1997, the entrance road to Wabul was repaired. 21 stone towers and 93 stone made statues of Budda have been kept currently.
  • Nine story pagoda: It is said that Unjusa Temple is shaped like a ship based on Pungsujiri and the Nine Story Pagoda plays a role of the mast of that ship. This pagoda is the highest one in the temple and the shape of flowers carved into the side of that pagoda is eccentric (No. 796 of treasure)
  • Wonhyeongdacheung Stone Pagoda: This pagoda has a rounded body from base to top and currently, it has 6 stories but it is curious how many stories it had in the past. It has other nicknames such as Yeonhwatap and Dduktop (No. 798 of treasure)
  • Unjusa Stone Buddha and Shrine: This is located 5m south of Wonhyeongdacheung Stone Pagoda has a shape of gambrel roof and two bodies of seated stone statute of Budda sit back to back with each other inside of it (No. 797 of treasure)
  • Wabul (recumbent Buddha): It is said that this Wabul remained because Dosunguksa intended to open a new world by making thousand seated stone statue of Buddha and pagoda in a day and a night but a lazy boy monk made a sound of cock-a-doodle-doo because he hated to work at the end of the work and all the masons believing the day broke flew away to the sky. It is also said that the place would become a capital of nation when the Wabul stands up.