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Ssangbongsa Temple
Ssangbongsa Temple is located at Sadongmaeul village, Jeung-ri, Yiyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun. Considering that the gravestone of Hyecheol in Taeansa Temple of Goksung says that Hyecheol spent a summer in Ssangbongsa Temple after returning from Tang in the first year of King Shinmu (839), it appears that the temple had been already built up before 839. Jinghyo, a successor of the line of his denomination, opened a Sajasan School in Heungnyeongsa Temple, Youngwol in Gangwondo province and Cheolgamsunsa, great monk, became the first monk opening the Sajasan School. His religious idea spreaded broadly and King Kyeongmun respected him as teacher and, after he died, the King granted a posthumous epithet of Cheolgam and named the pagoda as Jingso.
  • Location
  • Sadong-maeul, Jeung-ri, Yiyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

The temple had been reconstructed repeatedly until most of its buildings and properties were destroyed in Jeongyoujaeran (Japanese invasion) in 1597 and in Korean War. Only Geukrakjeon and Daeungjeon were preserved until the temple lamented over its misfortune that the Daeungjeon of 3 story wooden pagoda was also destroyed by fire in 1983. In 1986, such Daeungjeon was restored and Haetalmun Gate, Yosachae, and Jonggak were constructed. The road to Cheolgamsunsa pagoda was repaired and Yukhwadong was constructed in 1997
Gravestone of Cheolgamsunsa pagoda
While the stone for body disappeared, its shape of a turtle is vivid. In particular, the front right leg of turtle is upward and the front left leg face down on the ground, which makes viewers feel the powerful spirit of the turtle. We can discover high level of stone art of that age from vivid hexagonal pattern and the shape of Yisu (dragon-shaped head stone of gravestone) with cloud (No. 170 of treasure)
Cheolgamsunsa pagoda
Stone work of this pagoda is outstanding and it has typical shape of eight angles and circle and the sense of proportion is great. It appears that the greatest mason of the time might make it and the pagoda indicates the site of Cheolgamsunsa Temple (No. 57 of national treasure)