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Mudeungsan Mountain
  • Height : 1,186.8 meters above sea level
  • Nickname : Mudongmoi (Mujinak), Mudangsan, Mudeomsan, Mujeongsan, Seosuksan
  • Location
  • whole area of Yiseo-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do/ Dong-gu, Buk-gu, Gwangju-si/Nam-myeon, Damyang-gun

Origin of name : The name of Mujinak comes from Mudol and has used since Silla Dynasty and Mudol means the stone gushing out a rainbow. It is assumed that the name of Seosuksan has been called from Koryo Dynasty and it means a sacred stone as a nickname related to Seosukdae.
Mudangsan has a meaning of mystical mountain and the ancient people considered it as a divine mountain. It appears that it was also called as Mudeomsan because it consists of a single layer and its shape looks like a round grave. It is said that the nickname of Mujeongsan comes from the story that Sung Gye Lee of Chosun Dynasty did not follow the royal command.
The name of Mudeungsan started to be called from Koryo Dynasty together with Seosuksan and it means a high mountain beyond comparison or its rating cannot be graded.