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Mohosan Mountain
  • Height : 918.8 meters above sea level
  • Nickname : Naboksan, Mohosan, Mohusan
  • Location
  • Youma-ri, Nam-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Origin of name : In the 10th year of King Gongmin of Koryo Dynasty when the Red Turban invaded by crossing Jabiryeong, the King and Queen fled for refuge with the Empress Dowager down to the foot of this mountain by passing through Andong and Suncheon. The King was so attracted to the graceful shape of this mountain that he built up a temporary palace in Mohusan Mountain and stayed here almost around 1 year until he returned to the palace.
This is the reason the name of this mountain changed from Naboksan to Mohusan the meaning of which is the mountain like as the bosom of mother. The name of Mohosan Mountain (母護山, protection of mother)came from the story that Sung Won Kim fought desperately and died in defence of his aged mother in Jeongyoujaeran.