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Ongsungsan Mountain
  • Height : 572.8 meters above sea level
  • Nickname : Cheolongsan Mountain
  • Location
  • whole area of Ansung-ri, Dongbok-myeon/Dagok-ri, Buk-myeon/Janghak-ri, Yiseo-myeon Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

The name of Ongsungsan Mountain came from its appearance of its rocks which look like pots that are upside down. While it stems from the ridge of Baekasan Mountain, its shape does not look after Baekasan Mountain, Compared to groups of sharp rocks in Baekasan Mountain, Ongsungsan Mountain is composed of sedimentary rock and the soil of rock is not so hard enough to be detached even with hands.  
Historical background
The mountain has a mountain fortress which is called as Cheolongsansung Fortress and is said to have been built as a countermeasures against Japanese raiders at the end of the Koryo Dynasty. This fortress may be called as one of top three fortresses of Jeollanam-do together with Ypamsansung Fortress and Geumsungsansung Fortress. In Imjinoeiran, this fortress was used as the place where General Hwangjin, who took the post of Hyeongam of the village and died in Jinjusung Fortress, trained soldiers. It is said that the fortress was extended by Ogyeryeon during the period when Donghak movement, peasant revolution movement, was invigorated. It is measured that this fortress is twice as large as Mongchontoeong (Mud Rampart) located in Seoul
Nearby tourist spots.
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