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Yongam Mountain
  • Height : 545 meters above sea level
  • Nickname : Geumohsan Mountain (金鰲山)
  • Location
  • 149 Yongam-gil Hancheon-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Origin of name and stories
This mountain was called as Geumohsan Mountain because a gold terrapin, which was going to fly to the sky from a spring in the mountain , was discovered .
Analyzing the word by tracing to its origin, it can be translated into Soibyeolyi as pure Korean which means a cliff with a shape of iron. In other words, the name means a mountain consisting of a rock cliff. The mountain looks as a cliff because a rock rises high at the center of the mountain.
The mountain has a legend that a monk came to build a temple but hesitated for the reason that back side of there was not suitable because there is no shield. Waking up in the next morning, he was so surprised of the rock rose during the night before.
With the rock as background, Geumohsa Temple was built but it was closed in Jeongyouojaeran. In the middle of 1980, the temple was renamed as Bulamsa Temple.
Yongamsan Mountain forms a boundary between Hancheon-myeon and Chunyang-myeon in Hwasun-gun. The mountains around Hwasun have smooth sides, while only Yongamsan Mountain looks rough and sharp.
With the top of the mountain as the center, the ridge spreads into both direction up to Seokyoungam, a rock. In particular, the top three peaks consist of sharp rocks and there may be some danger in climbing there. However, this mountain climbers may rather enjoy a thrill in climbing charming rocks, which makes lots of mountain climbers visit it. In the way to the top, we can find the traces of Geumohsan Mountain Fortress which is said to have been built to prevent invasion of Japanese raiders and this may be good chance to taste the trace of history. Yongamsn Mountain was originally called as Geumohsan Mountain and became to be called as Yongamsan Mountain from time unknown
In particular, the region of Hancheon is famous for its water. In a way to climb up to the ridge, we can find a mineral spring and its good taste seems to prove the fame of Hancheon. In each spring, azalea flowers, which are in full bloom all over the mountain, present fantastic mood and are in harmony with the green. Suknans (wild orchid grows on the rock), which bloom secretly among them boast their graceful figure and strong scent to the mountain climbers.