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Gaecheonsan Mountain
  • Height : 497.2 meters above sea level
  • Nickname : Cheontaesan Mountain (479m), Cheonbulsan Mountain
  • Location
  • Whole area of Gadong-ri, Byeoncheon-ri, Chunyang-myeon/ Cheontae-ri and Deunggwang-ri, Doam-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Historical background
Gaecheonsa Temple sited at the skirt of Cheontaesan Mountain is a historic temple which is said to have been established by Doeuisunsa at the end of King Heonduk in United Silla Period following establishment of Borimsa Temple in Jangheung. This temple is famous for nutmeg tree forests.
Once, it was called as Cheonbulsan Mountain for the reason that it is famous for its Cheonbuljeon (main building where thousand of statue of Buddha) but it was destroyed in Jeongyoujaeran. In Japanese occupation period, it was called as Yongwhasa Temple.
In Korean War, the temple was destroyed by fire and the old villagers look back that the scene of melting those thousand of statute presented a grand sight. Only Daeungjeon and Yosachae were reconstructed in around 1963 to the present day as a silent temple.
At the entrance of this temple, two Buksu, wooden statutes with a shape of person which may be seen in Bulhoisa and Unheoungsa Temple, barely keep their balance