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Sapyungpokpo Falls
If you drive 15 km along Route 15, national highway, in the direction to Goheung from Hwasun-eup, you can reach up to Sapyung-ri, Nam-myeon. Situated nearby the national road at the foot of Bongjeongsan Mountain, Sapyungpokpo Falls is located at the place where the traffic is convenient and the Dongbokcheon River flows, which attracts a lot of summer vacationers in summer.
  • Location
  • Sapyung-ri, Nam-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

The falls divides into two branches and flows from 10 meters high above, the coldness of the water makes people shiver.
Sapyung amusement park
Cold and clean water rising in Mudeungsan Mountain and Baekasan Mountain flows every four season and the park is located nearby Sapyungpokpo Falls, which makes this part become one of the best summer vacation spot in Korea.