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Dogokoncheon Hot Spring
Tourist spot of Dogokoncheon Hot Spring is located at the whole area of Cheonam-ri and Wonhwa-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do.
  • Location
  • Cheonam-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

This place was designated as a tourist spot on Oct. 27, 1989 and equipped with hot spring sauna and incidental facilities including hotels at the site of 643,540㎡, which attracts domestic and overseas tourists including students in taking their school trip. In addition, about 60 various restaurants are crowded nearby this tourist spot of Dogokoncheon Hot Spring and it was designated as the Cheongjeonggol Hwasun Food and Culture Street in Feb. 2012. Moreover, in the vicinity of this spot, there are: Unjusa Temple where the Hwasun Dolmen Site, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Cheonbulcheontop, place of exile of Scholar Gwangjo Cho and four golf courses having regular holes.
This is a good place people can take the time to relax and ease the stress. This place is convenient for transportation and it is : 10 km far from Gwangju; 6 km far from Nampyung; 12 km far from Hwasun-eup and it is a hot spring which is proper place for the families to say weekend and holidays. This is the place where domestic and overseas tourists including the students making excursion from every part of the nation visit and enjoy various experiences and tastes of foods.
In surrounding of this hot spring, resort-type training institute having recreation facilities of botanical garden, hot spring (spa), family pension and training center will be constructed and completed in June, 2015 at the site of 6,131㎡(1,854 pyung).