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Namgwangju country club
Namgwangju country club is located in San 67 Yanggok-ri, Chunyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun,. It was opened in 1991 and the size of the site is 320,000 pyung with 18 holes and 72 par.
  • Location
  • Yanggok-ri, Chunyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

This country club has settled as one of the popular country club nearby Gwangju and the number of users are average 160 people a day and 4,500 people a month. It would be a good course with sports, sightseeing and bathing in the hot spring if you take a trip to Unjusa Temple, Dogok Hot Spring via this country club
  • Address : San 67, Yanggok-ri, Chunyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun
  • Size : 32,000 pyung
  • Scale : 18 holes 72 par
  • Main facilities : 1 unit of Club house, 4 units of lounge, parking lot, driving range (11 seats)
  • Opening date : September 28, 1991