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Joavalley country club
Joavalley country club is located at whole area of San 55-3, Daegok-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun and is a public golf course which is the closest to Gwangju .
  • Location
  • San 55-3, Daegok-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

It was opened in 2007and the size of the site is 140,000 pyung 3,527yds(3,225m), one of the longest and most beautiful strategic-type public country club. Having a challenging course allocation with 525m(Par5), 426m(Par4), 192m(Par3), this country club demands proper course managing and techni볃. You can enjoy the rounding with the scent of over 100 herbs.
  • Size : 140,000 pyung
  • Scale : 9 holes(public)
  • Owner : Chiyoung Park/Hongsik Park
  • Main facilities :1 unit of Club house, 2 units of lounge, parking lot,
  • Opening date : May 30, 2007