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Mudeongsan country club
Like the meaning of theme of 'the earth opened to the sky', Mudeongsan country club has its basic concept of 'spirit of Mudeong' of the mother mountain of Gwangju and each name of its 27 hole courses is named after three peaks of that mountain such as Cheonwangbong, Jiwangbong and Inwangbonf, which symbolizes the place where the sky, people and the earth become one.
  • Location
  • 722, Seotae-ri, Hwasun-eup Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

The names of membership have been changed from the division of individual/entities into Bonghwang and Backho, the legendary animals. Bonghwang membership means a kind of prestigious one like the image of Bongwhang which come down on the peak of Cheonhwangbong, while Backho membership provides a lot of benefits with the image of the tiger of Mudeungsan Mountain dominating broad areas.
  • Address : 722 Seotae-ri, Hwasun-gun
  • Size : 467,000 pyung
  • Scale : 27 holes(Membership system)
  • Owner : Chiyoung Park/Hongsik Park
  • Main facilities :1 unit of Club house, shade house, restaurant, proshop