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Healing Food Festival

Healing Food Festival
This festival is a kind of food festival where you feel the healing in your body and spirit as tourists because it provides the tastes of main food ingredients of top 10 agro-specialty products which are grown in green environment of Hwasun. In particular, customized food tents and food courts where the food and performance are operated and there are various experience programs including emotion-stimulus food, black food, kids food, national healing food cooking contest, health experience hall, healing trail under which all of your family members can experience, eat and enjoy.

Summary of Healing Food Festival Event
Opening date : Early May each year
Place : Hwasun-eup Culture & Sports Center
Host/supervisor : Hwasun-gun/Hwasun-gun Festival Promotion Commission
Major events Details
Display/sales events

Food tents and Food courts, emotion-stimulus foods, black foods, foods for kids, train travel along with mining site.

Healing food theme hall, Hwasun-gun promotion hall, Agriculture display hall, Small-medium sized companies promotion hall, Medicinal herb promotion hall, well-known local product.

Experience events

Self medical diagnosis hall, health experience hall, food consultant, the longest lunch

Nolto (5 programs), Play with trees (6 programs),

Healing crafting (5 programs)

Contests, performance
Healing food cooking contest, Giving a demonstration of Healing food cooking, and various performance programs