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Unju Festival

Unju Festival
This festival, as a local festival, intends to revive the dream of "Cheonbul Cheontop" which could not come true and all the residents of Doam-myeon who live in neighboring areas of Unjusa Temple participate in this festival.

In the festival, lotus lanterns are lighted up, wish flags are hoisted, every participants makes a wish to "Cheonbul Cheontop" and the climax is performance to make a try to make the Statue of Recumbent Buddha. During that performance, every participants makes himself/herself a promise to do best efforts in living daily lives beautifully.
This festival is carried out by volunteering activities of the residents and, in particular, various performance including madangnori (Korean traditional outdoor performances), play of building a traditional house, work songs of Dojang Batnorae and Pungmul (Korean traditional percussion quartet) are demonstrated and you can feel the tastes of rural area
Summary of Hwasun Unju Culture Festival
Event period : late May each year
Place : Unjusa Temple, Doam-myeon
Host/supervisor : Hwasun-gun Festival Promotion Commission/Doam-myeon Beonyounghoi (residents promotion association) , Unjusa Temple
Major events Details

Making stone statute of Buddha stand up

Hoisting flags

Experience events

Making clay Cheonbul Cheontap

Erecting a tower with stones

Face painting