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Mt. Anyangsan Royal Azalea Festival

Mt. Anyangsan Royal Azalea Festival
In the village of camomile in Suman-ri, Hwasun-eup, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do, there is one of the best tracking trail and tens of thousands of visitors come to see the vast Royal Azalea habitat.

Royal azalea of Mt. Anyangsan is a kind of alpine flora and is taller than the height of people. Its flowers are bigger and fancy and a number of professional photographers come from all over the country. The photos of royal azalea along with oddly formed rocks and strangely shaped stones of nearby Mt. Mudeungsan is so magnificent. The village of camomile in Suman-ri have hosted total 4 times of "Mt. Anyangsan Kinopyi (Person's height) Royal Azalea Festival" up to now and the festival is held early May each year when the flowers are in full bloom.
Summary of Mt. Anyangsan Royal Azalea Festival
Event period : Early May each year
EPlace : village of camomile in Suman-ri, Hwasun-eup, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do (It takes 20 min. drive from Gwangju City)
EHost : Operation Committee of Village of Camomile
Festival schedule
Time Mt. Anyangsan Village of camomile
07:00~09:00 Prepare events
09:00~10:00 promote village and receive family membership
10:00~10:20 declare opening and congratulatory message
10:20~10:25 cutting
10:25~11:00 hiking with royal azalea

Experience of oriental medicine tofu/ pressed flower experience

Cooking hwajeon experience/experience of self- transplanting in flower pots

Experience of cooking oriental medicine rice cake

Sale of well-known local products, operation of marketplace of experience of foods

11:00~11:50 mountain climbing to the top of Mt. Anyangsan
12:00~12:30 westling competition and treasure hunt game
12:30~12:40 photo shooting with royal azalea
climb down the mountain
14:30~15:00 End of event