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Ssangbongsa Temple Cheolgam Monk Tower

Ssangbongsa Temple Cheolgam Monk Tower
  • Designation No. : National Treasure No. 57(1962. 12. 20)
  • Size : Chonggo 2.3m
  • Production year : 8th year of King Gyeogmun, United Silla (868)
  • Management agent : Ssangbongsa Temple
  • Address
  • Ssangbongsa Temple, San 195-1, Zeung-ri, Yiyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Budo (Stupa, 浮屠) is a kind of tower where small crystals found among cremated remains of monks are placed and, according to its forms, it is divided into eight angled circle shape and stone bell shape. This Budotop belongs to the former shape and one of the great masterpieces with garnish sculpture ornament among the Budoes made in Silla dynasty.
The top and bottom of this Budo have flat eight angled as typical features of the Budoes in that age, cloudy figure is carved in the gambrel lower part of tower and lions figures are carved in the upper side of the tower. 1 Kalavinka (imaginary bird with sweet notes in Buddist sutras) is carved in double layered Ansang where eight angled stone is places above Angryeon. Lotus features are carved around the part of receiving the body of tower where cylindrical pillars stand on each edge and Joodu is put on. In each sides, the features of Munbihyeong (front and rear) , Shinjangsang (left and right) and Cheoninsang (remaining two sides)are carved. In the part of Okgae, Yeonmok and Giwatgol is carved in cross-section and, in the part of Okri, each 1 Cheoninsang is carved in each side.
In the whole, the carves are very exquisite and, in the circumference of tower body, entasis style is added and at the end of the corners of the eaves of Okgae, we can find a carve of Yeonhwamun (lotus shaped carve) carved with the outstanding skills showing that the master artisan made the carve in his deep belief of religion and did his best efforts in his life. The height of this Budotop Tower is 230 cm and is made of granite.
It is estimated that this tower was built up not so long after Monk Cheolgamsunsa died.
The name of the monk is Doh Yoon Park who was born at Hyuam, Hanju in the 4th year of King Wonseong, Silla Dynasty, learned Hwaumgyeong in Guishinsa Temple and became a Buddist monk in the 17th year of King Heonduk. He was taught by Namjeonbowon, returned to his home country, stayed in Mt. Pungaksan for a short period, moved to Hwasun, manages Ssangbongsa Temple and died in the 8th year of King Gyeongmun. His posthumous epithet is Chelgam and the name of his Budotop Tower is Jingso. He is one of the Buddhist monks who promote Jongpung of Gusanseonmun in Silla Dynasty.