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Unjusa Temple Nine Story Stone Pagoda

Unjusa Temple Nine Story Stone Pagoda
  • Designation No. : National Treasure No. 796 (1984. 11. 26)
  • Size : Height 12m
  • Production year : Koryo Dynasty
  • Management agent : Unjusa Temple
  • Address
  • 70 Yonggang-ri, Doam-myeong, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

Entering from Jungjangteo, This it the first and the highest stone pagoda which is built up on a gigantic rock.
Without any separate Jidaesuk (stone support), based on the shape of bedrock, three or four levels square shape resting is collected on the top of that bedrock and it supports the bottom stone of pagoda body of first story. On both sides of square sides consisting of 6 ground stones, The shape of the universe is carved and, in its inner part, Small universe is clearly carved on its side stone. The side stones consist of two stones on the part of south and north and 3 stones in the part of east and west sides.
In the underside of 1 story Okgaesuk, there is no Okgaebatchim (stay or leg) and multi-layered Sunmun (Zen riddle) is carved geometrically towards the edge of Okgaesuk st 45 degree angle from the center. In the part of front of forelegs in four corners of Okgaesuk, the pattern is reversed and, in the corners, the corners of the eaves are thickly carved. The side of water falling is so flat that people feels the flatness and the cutting plane of the bottom is cut at an angle rather than being cut vertically.
Okgaesuk is thin but the part of em quad or the cutting plane of the eaves are thick, which make the edges look thick and, in particular, it looks to be sharply reversed for the reason of the pattern of eaves and diagonal line pattern in the underside of Okgaesuk. This diagonal line patterns are: 7 lines on the 1st story, 7 lines on the 2nd story, 5 lines on the 3rd story, 4 lines on the 4th story, 5 lines on the 5th story, 4 lines on the 6th story, 4 lines on the 7th story, 4 lines on the 8th lines, and 3 lines on the 9th story. In particular, Okgaesuk on the each story is square shape just like ordinary pagoda, while the one on the 7th story is not a perfect square shape but the part of em quad is lowered in order to make its center bulge out.
Okgaesuk of each story consist of one stone but the stone of pagoda body consists of :6 flagstones on the 1st story; and four flagstones of 2nd, 3rd and 4th stories. The way of composition of those stones is: the universe and Myeonsuk are carved in the flagstones, elected on both sides of left and right and another Myeonsuk is inserted between them in order to make it have the shape of letter "H". Thus, it looks like that there are the universe in both sides of pagoda body on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stories. In each side of each pagoda body, the same pattern is carved and 4 Yeuphwamun is decorated in the shape of diamond among them. On the top of Okgaesuk, parts of Sangryunbujae such as cylindrical Sukjae and Boryun are placed.
This stone pagoda is built up on a gigantic bedrock, the parts of pagoda body are full of geometrical pattern and the shape of Okgaesuk is light. Whole appearance of this pagoda seems one of the best one among the group of stone pagodas of Unjusa Temple. In particular, the diagonal line pattern in the underside of Okgaesuk and the blooming flowers pattern in the body of this pagoda is rare ones which can be seen only in this pagoda. This pagoda was initially designated as a local tangible cultural property No. 8 and was raised to the status of national treasure in 1984.