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Youmasa Temple Haeryeon Budo(Stupa)

Youmasa Temple Haeryeon Budo(Stupa)
  • Designation No. : National Treasure No. 1116 (1992. 1. 15)
  • Size : Height 2.5m
  • Production year : Koryo Dynasty
  • Management agent : Unjusa Temple
  • Address
  • 603 Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do Nam-myeon Youma-ro 603(유마리 321번지)

A stupa is a kind of tower where small crystals sometimes found among cremated remains of monks and it is divided into various types of eight-angles circular type and Sukjong type. This stupa stands on at the entrance of Youmasa Temple which is located at 321 Yumari, Nam-myeon, Hwasun-gun and it has typical appearance of the stupa in the early of Koryo Dynasty and each carve and composition rate are outstanding.
This stupa was initially located at the steep slope of west mountain of Youmasa Temple site and moved into current place in 1981. It is designated as a national treasure No. 1116. Examining at the detailed pattern, the foundation stone is octagonal upon which 3 storied square support stone with 1 sheet of stone. In the underside stone, Ansang patterns are carved in each corners and octagonal lug is put around the side of it. Its top is also supported by 3 storied square stylobate.
As for double-layered lotus at the bottom of middle stone, the flower pattern decorates each corners on which 16 leaves middle board is engraved and connected to 3 layered support stone. Middle stone is octagonal and its underside is surrounded octagonal lug stone and large Anshang patterns are carved in each sides and support 3 storied square support stone and upper stone where lotus pattern is carved is supported by 8 plates of Yeonwhomun.
Body of tower is octagonal and imitates the universe in each sides and, in the center of front, lock shape is embossed on which two layered letters of "Hyeryeonjitop (海蓮之塔)" is engraved vertically and this clearly indicates that it is for the Buddhist monk named Hyeryeon but we cannot trace his achievements unfortunately.
Okgaesuk is flat and large and, on its top, there is no roof-tile furrow and clear Udong. Its underside is horizontal and supported by 3 storied stone. Top ring is lost and this pagoda is an example maintaining typical style of octagonal circular type which was developed around 9 century of United Silla Dynasty and it is noticed that Cheolgamsunsabuto is very closed to it. It is estimated that this pagoda was created in the first half of Koryo Dynasty which is the same period when this Temple is built up. Height 249 cm, height of stylobate 79cm and height of tower body 170 cm