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Hwasun Traditional House of Dong Hoh Yang

Hwasun Traditional House of Dong Hoh Yang
  • Designation No. : Whole area of house
  • Size : Whole area of house
  • Management agent : Young Boon Jeong
  • Address
  • 569 Wolgok-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

In the center of village, slightly long and square wall is surrounded and, in the rear, the ㄷ shape main buildings are placed slightly toward the north and a detached house is placed in front of the house on its axis. The courtyard and detached house connected with each other without any wall and a small room in the middle of the house was build up on the left side of detached house. On the side of left of middle door, a barn is located on end so that the south of courtyard is blocked.
In front of that barn, a spring is outside of middle door and a separate wall is around it. In front of that, a single room of the gate was built up and placed at the right angle to a detached courtyard. In the corner of northeastern of that courtyard, a restroom and pigpen are installed and a storage connected to the courtyard is placed in the north of detached house.
This is a kind of artificial form of southern style of traditional noble house and it is assumed that the main buildings were constructed in about the 18 century and detached house was constructed in the 19th century. Main buildings are southern style under which large room and main floored hall are side by side and the space of that hall is very large and divided into three spaces.
The frame has 3 roomed wings in both sides and the body is located in rear parts: the left wing has three rooms and the right wing has 4 rooms and the body has 5 rooms. Kitchen is placed in the east and the front 3 rooms are kitchen and the rear room is a kitchen room.
In the left wing, the front room is a hat-makers shop and the next two rooms are for Gatdaecheong. In front of large room and large hall, there is a narrow wooden veranda and small rooms are places in the rear. However, the rear sides of center hall and upper room of large hall are for large rooms.
Both of small rooms and storerooms are floored to become unique distinguished style of middle region. One room in front of kitchen was separately repaired and the side right wall was enlarged by electing a fake pillar by using the eaves.
However, the structure of this fake wall is so unique that Dori does not go to the downward of rafters but floats in the air like a fence.
The body of wall gives classical sense as a thick shutter plank is inserted vertically and the structure, as 3 pyungju and 3 ryang, is treated with flat pillar and Jongdori is inserted in the center of both pillars and it is Nabdori and supports Janghyeo and trapezoid Pandaegong is erected.
Cross section of the pillar is the shape of round square and Danyi is supported in the full pilar. In the head of Naejingu, the pillar and side-load corridor are assembled in a place and Boaji is inserted only the downside of pillar to be strengthened. Hutjanghyeo as Dorigan droops In particular, the pillars of both wings are separated from the body pillar so that the structure is completely separated. The body of roof is gable and the wing is a gable only the right front of which has been enlarged and added by eyebrow roof, which make the roof as a gable roof.
Flat composition of detached house is also southern style with 5 rooms - shaped Jeonhootoijip. (front retreat style house). Gansalyi consists of an outer-wing room, upside room, kitchen, detached room and detached hall, from the north. In 1989, main buildings and detached houses were repaired in 1989