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Traditional House of Gyeong Hyu Lee

Traditional House of Gyeong Hyu Lee
  • Designation No. : Hwasun-gun rural area heritage site No.154 (1984. 1. 10)
  • Construction year : 1755
  • Address
  • 367-1 Jukcheong-ri, Dogok-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do

This house is located in Jukcheong-ri, Dogok-myeon where Jisukgan River flows in the front of the village.
This village is toward southeastern part and, it is said that, since the late of Koryo, the people having the last names of Yang, Kim, Heo, and Lee have resided and, according to the record, Dae Rip Lee, Gwangsan Lee, moved here from Nampyung first in 1589 in order to avoid Gichuksahwa.
This house was initially placed in Jukcheong 2-ri and moved to present location in the spring of the 20th year of Geonryung (1775). Since then, people having their last names of Gwangsan Lee (ancestor of present owner) and Namwon Yang have lived for 100 and 112 years, respectively and Gyeong Hyu Lee, present owner, purchased this house and lived thereafter for 36 years so far.
This house is a building which was constructed in 1665 of "康熙四年乙巳春三月" and is assumed to have moved to present location in 1755 "乾隆二十年" (the 31th year of King Youngjo) because the roof tiles having letters of "康熙四年乙巳春三月"are still used now.
This house is [ shaped and is a building with gambrel roof having 6 rooms in the front, 3 rooms in the sides. The house consists of: main room in the center, 1 detached room in each side of left and right, large hall in right side, and large floored rooms such as Dojeong.
In addition, this house is precious one having high historical and architectural value through which a house structure of wealthy farmers in this area druing Choseon Dynasty (17th and 18th century) can be examined.