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  • Fruitlike Paprika
  • Maintaining the day temperature high and night temperature low so that Hwasun paprika becomes very nutritious and has better taste, smell and good quality, while the production declines.

Storehouse of vitamin C
Paprika is the king of all diet foods because it easily makes you feel full with high water content. A paprika will give you up to the recommended daily allowance for vitamin A and C
Ir contains much vitamin A which is good for reviving skin cell, collagenesis and much vitamin C which makes your skin white and clean
vitamin C content(mg/100g)
vitamin C content(mg/100g)
Paprika Strawberry Spinach Tangerine Bell pepper
375 99 66 39 191
Ingredients and nutritional information of Paprika (100g)
Ingredients and nutritional information of Paprika (100g)
calories(Kcal) protein(g) carbohydrates(g) vitamin A(R,El) vitamin C(mg) iron(mg)
19 1.1 3.7 445 375 1.0
How to eat Paprika
at raw paprika without soybean paste or mayonnaise
Sauce with oil to raise absorption rate of vitamin A
Japchae, Paprika-cucumber roll, stir-fried anchovies with paprika, paprika spaghetti, paprika pancake, tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake)