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  • Hwasun tomatoes
  • Without using weed controller, Hwasun tomatoes are raised eco-friendly and by using natural enemy and pollinating by bees so that they are high in sugar content and good quality

Living tomatoes
Tomatoes are after-ripening vegetables. By harvesting green tomatoes when they already have red color formed inside, they become red in 2~10 days
Vegetables and fruits for good health
has much carotin and vitamin C which is good for preventing cancer
is good for treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure and prostate trouble
lower cholesterol because they are high in soluble fiber good for colon exercise and prevention of blood clot
eating 1~2 fresh tomatoes on an empty stomach every morning keeps you healthy
How to eat tomatoes
tomato-juice, stir-fried tomato and egg, tofu salad with tomato, steamed tomato