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  • Natural deodeok, good for health

Natural deodeok, good for health
is raised with only compost and eco-friendly substances not by using the pesticides,
has peculiar scent and bittersweet flavor and good for lowering blood high pressure, stopping coughing and phlegm as it is high caloried and nutritious food.
has saponin helping lung function and good for treating lung diseases such as cold, coughing and asthma /has linoleic acid and good for removing cholesterol to prevent stroke, artery hardening and high blood pressure.
has much calcium, iron, vitamin B1 and saponin and good for biological activity of uterus and fetus
how to keep: wrap in a newspaper and keep refrigerated
how to cook: wash, blanch in boiling water for about 5 sec., soak in cold water, and peel
doedeok pickle, roasted doedeok, whole chicken soup with doedeok, doedeok read pepper paste (Gochujang)