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  • Saesongi mushroom
  • Hwasun saesongi mushrooms share 20% of all the production in Jeonnam and is produced hygienically through seed culturing and management, automation and modernization.

Oyster mushroom
Hwasun oyster mushrooms are sterilized and disinfected thoroughly, are raised hygienically with no use of pesticide after blocking incidence of various germs as healthy food/ good for constipation with much fiber however much you eat, you do not gain weight so that it is popular most and food to be eaten easily.
Shiitake mushroom
Hwasun shiitake mushrooms are cultivated hygienically in Mt. Backasan after: pruning and logging an oak tree; inoculating seeds and adjusting temperature, moisture; ventilation in vinyl greenhouse; blocking 70% of sunlights; laying those logs in shade.
enrich the flavor of foods and, as one of top 10 foods against cancer, intestinal mobility