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  • Hwasun Hancheon plum
  • Hwasun Hancheon plum is cultivated in mountain valley 220 meters above sea level and is high in sugar and good color because the place has a great temperature differences between day and night even in July, the harvest period and it receives strong sunlights in the daytime. Plum is a low calories diet food with 35kcal per 100g, has much fiber, calcium and iron

How to eat
Raw plum; if you do not like sour ones, keep it at room temp and eat after peeling when it gets soft
Plum pickle and plum wine: pickle small and hard plums with ugar (1:1) or pure white liquor into plums and ripen them for about 5 months.
How to store
Keep at room temp for 4~5 days and, if you want to keep for a long time, put plums into a polyethylene bag and keep them under the temperate of the fridge.