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  • Asparagus, special product of Chunyang-myeon
  • Asparagus is cultivated in automatized vinyl houses in Chunyang-myeon, Hwasun-gun and its seeding is harvested 3 years after. Hwasun asparagus is cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticide: by adding decomposed manure 1 meters deep; by making them not receiving stress from high temperature of summer by opening the roof for better ventilation through heightening the house by more than 4 meters than other regions.

Asparagus enhances your kidneys function, stimulates blood vessel hardening and good for lowering blood high pressure and bladder stone.
Asparagus is a good source for high nutrition because it has much minerals such as vitamin C, B1, B2 and aspartic acid, calcium, phosphorus
How to eat
Peel and slice the tough lower part with knife for soup and eat the raw upper part or blanch and eat
Use it to fried rice, salad and bacon pancake